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Retro Bowl 2

The original edition of the American football game Retro Bowl was developed in 2021 by New Star Games and due to it's popularity on TikTok, the game become extremely popular on all platforms, including smartphones and web version. Just imagine, the game has more than 1 million downloads in a single month, I think that's just insane numbers. Even though that the game has a simple 8 bit graphics, it offered a really addictive and interesting gameplay with various game modes and awesome features. Today I would like to offer the second edition of the legendary game - Retro Bowl 2. In this game you have to manage a NFL team and lead it to success. Your main mission is to manage all the components of the team, including actions on pitch, buying new players and so on. In my opinion, Retro Bowl II is the best simulator of American football today and you can easily try it for free at our website. Keep in mind that the game is available on all devices and can be played in fullscreen mode.

How To Play Retro Bowl 2?

In this game, the gameplay is a bit difficult, that's why at the beginning of the game you will have to go through a simple tutorial mode to understand how to manage the team, how to take part in the games and so on. People who love american football will easily understand the rules. One more thing that you should keep in mind while playing this game is that here you play only offense. Many people though that the developers would change this option to get the defense actions available too, but all in vain. To manage the defense of the team you should get a good players for your team. The mission of the player is to build a team that can win a trophy, but that's a difficult task. Can you complete it ?

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